Our minimum Organic certification requirements:


OrganoMarket only sells products with a certified organic status, issued by a certifier in accordance to the regulations set out by at least one of the following certification standards: EU Organic, USDA Organic or Japanese Organic.


Why use these specific certifications? 

- Third party auditors are used. This means that the auditor is not associated with the products being audited, ensuring fair and unbiased audits.

- These certifications set out international organic standards and ensures top quality of organic products that are at an international level of acceptance

- By using these organic certifications, we ensure that the organic products we sell truly are organic.


Why not use a South African Organic certification?

At the moment there is no internationally approved South African organic certification that uses third party auditors. South African organic standards are in the early stages of being developed, and when a South African certification that uses third party auditors is available it will be brought into consideration.